SUSE LINUX on Dell Inspiron 8600



2005.02.10: Made a new RPM-Package for SuSE 9.1 and 9.2

2004.12.23: Page will be updated for SuSE Linux 9.3

Good news first: Bluetooth under SUSE LINUX 9.X is working out of the box. All you have to do is to install (and update) the several bluez-* packages with YaST. To use Bluetooth, there are several possibilities. I will explain you, how to use it for exchanging data between your laptop and your mobile phone using the KDE bluetooth utilities.

First, you can find here an new RPM package for the KDE kdebluetooth utilities (SuSE 9.1, 9.2). With KDE 3.1 (SuSE 8.2, 9.0) you have to use this package. Just install it by klicking on the link within Konqueror, or download the package, then open a konsole and type:

rpm -Uvh kdebluetooth-cvs20050210-1.i586.rpm

as root. If you dont use the "nvidia" driver for your graphics card, then RPM will maybe complain about "failed dependencies:". Don't bother, just say:

rpm -Uvh --force --nodeps kdebluetooth-cvs20050210-1.i586.rpm

Using the tools:

Once installed, launch bluetooth as root:

rcbluetooth start

Then start the KDE bluetooth demon (as normal user):


Probably you will also have to edit the /etc/bluetooth/hcid.conf file, where I changed the pin_helper from bluepin to /opt/kde3/lib/kdebluetooth/kbluepin (for the old package it's /opt/kde3/bin/kbluepin). In this case, you should restart the bluetooth system with:

rcbluetooth restart

Finaly start Konqueror and type "sdp:/" in Konquerors URL field. You then should see something like this (if not, check if you enabled Bluetooth on your phone :-):

Browsing Bluetooth within Konqueror

If you click on your Phone a dialog will appeare, where you can either click on "Go" (recommended) or generate an own PIN code:

Kdeblootooth will generate a PIN for you. On the same time, your phone will ask you for this PIN, just type it there. Once paired with your mobile phone, you will be able to change data with your phone (vCards, messages, tasks or even PDF files). For this you will have to click on the "OBEX Object Push" icon:

I tested it with my Ericsson r520 and (thanks to my firiends :-) with a Sony Ericsson T610, P800, Motorola V525, Nokia 6600 and some other Nokia phones.

Have fun!

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