SuSE Linux 9.X on Dell Inspiron 8600


2005. apr. 30.
Powersave-Functions are working fine unter SuSE Linux 9.3 with the latest nVidia-Driver (Version 7167). The only issue I couldn't solve was the resume from suspend-to-ram, but other users seem to have more luck.

2005. jan. 09.
The modem works! SuSE sees the modem as Smartlink, but it has a Conexant HSF chipset. Use the drivers from Linuxant

2004. nov. 14.
Made some new RPM-Packages with xine and libdvdcss for SuSE Linux 9.2.

Setting up the special keys

Using the powermanagement

Using the integrated Bluetooth device

Setting up the nVidia driver and the 1680 x 1050 resolution

Watching DVD films and movies

Using the second battery

The Inspiron 8600 can use a second battery in the CD/DVD bay. On another SUSE LINUX on Dell 8600 site I read, that you have to use idectl to change the drive to the battery. I tested this on my machine, but there seems to be no need for this command. Just take the DVD+RW off, and put the battery in. My Inspiron 8600 has a Pentium M 1400 processor. When just editing files (I work a lot on translations) it works at 600 Mhz and the main battery works for 4:30 hours. With the spare battery inserted I can work about 6:30 hours.
Warning for SuSE 9.1 and newer: If you want to put the DVD+RW out, then the system freezes. This is related to the subfs-Features, as the system still sees the DVD mounted. So first call umount /dev/hdc, then it should work.


2004. sept. 21.
I wrote a new section about setting up the special keys.

2004. sept. 09.
I wrote a new section about using the Powermanagement under SuSE Linux 9.1

2004. feb. 22.
I wrote a new section about setting up the X Window System and updated the Bluetooth section.